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The Masters of Texas



             One Night With The Texan

                        Book Two

It had been a foolish thing to do…letting herself be seduced by a stranger. But the night in New Orleans had been hot and sultry even before he offered to buy her a cooling drink; even before she lost herself in his deep golden eyes. Even before his touch ignited pure fire and she knew nothing more than her own need and what he could give her.

For billionaire CEO Cole Masters, a weekend in New Orleans incognito meant meeting a beautiful woman and blowing off some steam. No names. No strings. So months later when the same woman shows up on his doorstep - it’s a shocker.  Even worse, she’s an archeologist with a court order to access his property – and shut down his business plan..

For Tallie Finley, this mission is both professional and personal and Cole could prove too tempting a distraction. Will her efforts to uncover her family legacy be derailed – especially when she discovers she is expecting his child?

Coming February 2017

Four brothers.

    Four Texas billionaires.

         Four women who change their lives.


     Redeeming The Billionaire SEAL -
                      Book One
After ten years Chance Masters had come home.  Gone was the swaggering twenty something with a sexy smile and a reputation for knowing where to find trouble; the cocky guy who was too smart for his own good. That person had been replaced by a man who had seen the world through different eyes, used his intelligence for things that mattered and trained to hold his emotions tightly in check.  Six foot four of hard muscle, he oozed self-confidence and carried a persona somewhere between dangerous and lethal. Here stood a warrior.  A US Navy SEAL.
Holly Anderson had been a young teen when he’d left.  He’d been her best friend, her first crush and her first heartbreak.  Now he was back and she was determined to make Chance see that she wasn’t a kid any more.  What would it take?  There were no half measures. Was she willing to give him everything?  If she did, would it be enough to hold him?
               Books Three and Four

                    Coming in 2018
It’s bad enough that straitlaced Sophie Prescott fell for her boss Clay Everett’s charm the night of Royal’s masked ball - now she’s pregnant with his baby! Too bad the former rodeo star turned billionaire entrepreneur’s emotional defenses are impenetrable and Sophie doesn’t stand a chance of breaking through. So, where does that leave her?
And with a blackmailer hounding the town’s A list, is their secret the next to be revealed? Or is an even bigger surprise in store- that maybe - just maybe - Sophie has discovered the chink in Clay’s armor…?

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JULY 2017…
From the series
Texas Cattlemen’s Club

Lone Star Baby Scandal
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